Open Internet Statement

GO MD USA, LLC. Consumer Broadband Disclosure

GO MD USA, LLC. (referred to as 'we', 'us') upholds the values of a free and unrestricted Internet. However, we also prioritize providing an exceptional customer experience, and therefore may conduct reasonable network management practices on our GO MD USA broadband Internet access services and devices (collectively known as 'Services'). The following section outlines our network management practices, performance standards, and terms and conditions of our Services. Please note that this information is subject to change at any time, and the network management practices of our underlying carrier, AT&T and T-Mobile ('Underlying Carrier'), may also change. We encourage you to check back regularly for updates.

Congestion Management. GO MD USA operates as a reseller of its Underlying Carrier's mobile broadband Internet access network. Thus, after leaving a GO MD USA device, the data transmitted through the network is directed to the public Internet over the Underlying Carrier's network. GO MD USA does not participate in the active management of network congestion across the Underlying Carrier's network. However, the data may still be subject to network management and open Internet practices implemented by the Underlying Carrier, which are available here and are subject to change at any time.

Management of Your GO MD USA Service. Although we do not regulate the flow of your data through our Underlying Carrier's network, we may manage how our customers experience our Services. We do not impede or slow down any legal content, applications, or services that you select to access using a GO MD USA device unless you permit it, provided your use of our Services complies with our Terms and Conditions.

Application-Specific Behavior. GO MD USA does not engage in any practices such as blocking or throttling of non-harmful, legal applications or websites that you may access using our services. This is subject to reasonable network management. We also do not engage in 'paid prioritization' of any content or service over another.

Privacy and Security. We place a high priority on safeguarding your privacy and security while you use our Services to access the Internet. We implement reasonable physical, electronic, and procedural measures to protect your personal information. Furthermore, we take appropriate steps to prevent unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of your personal information. However, since the Internet is a global open communication network, we cannot guarantee that information transmitted over the Internet or stored on our systems or under our care will be immune to unauthorized access by third parties, such as hackers. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further details about our security and privacy practices.

Performance Characteristics. GO MD USA provides mobile broadband Internet access using the LTE and 3G networks of its Underlying Carrier. These networks are intended for use with real-time applications such as voice and video applications. However, the actual network experience may differ depending on various factors such as technical issues, geographical location, environmental conditions, and other factors.

In the context of our services, "speed" refers to the average successful delivery rate of data packets on the communication network. "Latency" refers to the round-trip time that a data packet takes to travel from one point to another on the Internet. Our typical speed is expressed in kilobits per second ('kbps') or megabits per second ('Mbps'), and our round-trip latency is expressed in milliseconds ('ms'). The following are the typical speeds and round-trip latency: download speeds up to 1400 kbps, upload speeds ranging from 350-500 kbps, and latency of approximately 160 ms.

GO MD USA's advertised speeds and latency are based on the maximum expected speeds achievable through the device over our Underlying Carrier's networks. However, please note that various factors such as network availability, capacity constraints, environmental conditions, device limitations, and network management practices of our Underlying Carrier may affect the actual speed and latency experienced at any given time.

Traffic Information. For internal purposes such as billing, metrics, and lawful first-party marketing, we may monitor network traffic. It's worth noting that we don't monitor traffic through deep-packet inspection, and we don't disclose any traffic information to unaffiliated third parties for non-network management purposes without your consent.For internal purposes such as billing, metrics, and lawful first-party marketing, we may monitor network traffic. It's worth noting that we don't monitor traffic through deep-packet inspection, and we don't disclose any traffic information to unaffiliated third parties for non-network management purposes without your consent.

Commercial Terms. GO MD USA offers its customers several broadband Internet access service plans and top-up options, which have an expiry period of 30 days, or in some limited circumstances, such as bankruptcy or the sale of the company, or if the customer's service is terminated for any reason. Customers can add data at any time. Once a customer has exhausted their data allowance, they can still access the Internet using third-party Wi-Fi networks, but they will not be able to use GO MD USA's mobile broadband Internet access service until they reload their data on the following month or purchase additional top-up data. To learn more, please refer to GO MD USA's Terms and Conditions.

Redress. To make any general inquiries or complaints, please get in touch with our customer service team by giving them a call.

GO MD USA's Customer Service department is available:
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST
Saturday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST
(833) 706-3872


GO MD USA LLC's Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a government benefit program that offers supported services. Enrollment in ACP is only available to eligible consumers and is limited to one per household, and it is non-transferable. Proof of income or participation in a qualified program may be required to enroll. Although the program offers unlimited service, GO MD USA LLC reserves the right to terminate or modify your service if it is used in a manner that interferes with other customers' service or disproportionally uses GO MD USA LLC's network resources. GO MD USA LLC may also limit, alter, or discontinue your service if you generate unusually high call volumes, have lengthy average call times, incur abnormally high costs, or use an abnormally high amount of data compared to other customers.

Your service plan terms and conditions may limit the amount of high-speed data included in your plan and the actual speeds you achieve while using broadband services. The actual performance of your wireless data service may vary based on several factors such as reception, technology, and network traffic, and GO MD USA LLC does not guarantee the speeds of the data services provided.

Eligible households can receive one monthly service discount under the ACP. If you are already enrolled in the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, your benefits will automatically transfer to the ACP after the transition period. When the ACP program ends or GO MD USA LLC's promotional FREE ACP service offer ends, you will be notified, and you can keep your ACP service by paying the applicable undiscounted rate plus fees and taxes. For further information about ACP eligibility and the program, visit or contact us at (833) 706-3872 . Other terms and conditions may apply.