Tribal Benefit

If you live on Tribal lands, you can receive a discount of up to $34.25 per month, and up to a $100 reduction for first-time connection charges.

Enhanced Lifeline Benefits for Tribal Lands

You can get a monthly discount of up to $34.25 off the cost of phone, internet, or bundled services if you live on Tribal lands. This discount consists of up to $9.25 (which is available to all eligible Lifeline consumers across the United States) plus up to an additional $25, which is available only to eligible consumers living on Tribal lands.

If you live on Tribal lands, you can get the Tribal benefit if your income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, or if you participate in one of the government assistance programs including certain Tribal assistance programs. Learn more about qualifying.

If you think you qualify, apply to get Lifeline

You can apply online, by mail, or with the assistance of your phone or internet company. Learn more about how to Get Lifeline.

Link Up

Link Up can reimburse the full cost of starting service at your primary residence, up to $100. If the cost of initiating service is more than $100, Link Up provides a no-interest payment plan for up to $200 for up to one year.

If you live on Tribal lands, you are eligible for Link Up. Link Up is a one-time benefit per address; you can request Link Up each time you change your primary residential address.

Check with your phone or internet company to confirm if they participate in the Link Up program.

Eligible Tribal Lands

Tribal lands include any federally recognized Indian tribe’s reservation, pueblo, or colony, including former reservations in Oklahoma, Alaska Native regions, Hawaiian Home Lands, or Indian Allotments.

This nationwide map shows all Tribal lands eligible for enhanced Lifeline and Link Up support:

Tribal lands shown on the nationwide map include:


Review Lifeline’s Tribal Toolkit and Tribal Flyer on the Community Education page. Check the USAC Lifeline Tribal Benefits page for the Tribal Advocate Training schedule.